Blending the worlds of inked creativity and premium spirits, we're proud to introduce our Limited Edition Tattoo Sleeves Collection. Designed in partnership with three exceptional tattoo artists from various corners of Australia, this exclusive release embodies the essence of Rusty Barrel's distinctive character.

Each matte-finished bottle is a testament to the unparalleled fusion of creativity, rebellion, and Rusty Barrel's unmistakable flavour, as well as the rebellious nature that defines us.

Let's meet the artists who have lent their unique creativity to this collection: 



Tay Ashby - Deadmind Tattoos, Melbourne - Tay Ashby's no stranger to the tattoo world, with a solid decade of experience under his belt. He started as a tattoo enthusiast, perfecting his skills on friends and acquaintances. When the chance to bring his tattoo artistry to a vodka bottle came along, Tay's inspiration was simple - his favourite tattoos from the year. While it was his first time working on a project like this, Tay embraced it with enthusiasm, putting his unique style and personal twist into the design. For him, it was a fun and creative process, resulting in a design that truly reflects his passion for his craft.

Derrick - Bondi Ink, Sydney - Derrick, our talented artist from Bondi Ink, is relatively new to the tattoo scene, with just two years of experience. His journey started as a hobbyist artist, drawing for personal enjoyment. However, as his passion for creating meaningful art grew, he transitioned into the world of tattooing. His motivation? To create art that deeply resonates with individuals, making a lasting impact on their lives.

The opportunity to collaborate on designing a vodka bottle was both inspiring and challenging for him. This unique venture was his first experience with this kind of project, and it added a new layer of meaning and complexity to his artistic journey. The creative process involved considering the bottle's shape, brand essence, and the challenge of fitting the design on a relatively small canvas. Despite these constraints, his design effectively conveys our brand character while maintaining a sense of awe through artistic expression.

Guy Stork - ThatGuy Tattoos, Gold Coast - Guy Stork, a dedicated tattoo artist from the vibrant Gold Coast, has been in the tattoo industry since 2009, bringing 14 years of experience to his craft. He started his tattooing journey by inking friends and family and eventually landed a job in western Sydney, thanks to an opportunity presented by his tattoo artist at the time. Guy's collaboration with us on this project was his first experience of this kind, which excited him, given his long-standing appreciation for our products. The creative process of designing a tattoo for a vodka bottle was relatively smooth, with size being the primary consideration. Guy's design reflects the neo-traditional tattoo style, and he incorporated an Australian touch by featuring an iconic magpie at the heart of his work, perfectly blending the Gold Coast's vibrant spirit with our unique character.

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