Brushed Copper Cocktail Making Kit


From conception to completion, level up your cocktails with our Brushed Copper Cocktail Shaker Set. 7 pieces with everything you'll need – just add Rusty Barrel. 

Unleash your creativity and defy convention with each shake and stir, thanks to:

  • 1 x Brushed Copper Cocktail Shaker: Crafted with precision to blend flavours like never before, our sleek shaker is your ticket to mixology mastery.
  • 1 x Muddler: Crush, muddle, and infuse with flair, as you unleash the full potential of your ingredients with every twist.
  • 1 x Bar Spoon / Stirrer: Stir up conversations and cocktails alike with our versatile spoon, designed to add a dash of character to every drink.
  • 1 x Strainer: Say goodbye to unwanted distractions and hello to smooth, uninterrupted pours, as our precision-engineered strainer takes centre stage.
  • 2 x Pourers: Pour with precision and flair
  • 1 x Double Jigger: Measure, mix, and master your concoctions with ease, thanks to our double-sided jigger – the ultimate tool for precision crafting.

    Whether you're hosting a gathering or shaking up a storm behind the bar, our set promises to spark your creativity and leave a lasting impression on every cocktail lover.

    So why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Cheers to the Rusty Barrel revolution – where every sip is a celebration of the unexpected.

Made in Australia

Carbon Filtration


Super Smooth