Rusty Barrel Flavoured Vodka Gift Pack


Move over Skittles, we’ve gone and distilled the damn rainbow so that you can serve it up in your favourite cocktail, now available in double stack gift pack. 

Our Rusty Barrel Flavoured Vodka comes in 6 bold flavours available in 2 stacks of 3  250ml bottles bundled up so you can gift or drink the rainbow. Flavours include punchy peach, spicy pear, juicy mango, bold blackberry, tangy pomegranate and a classic vanilla that is anything but vanilla.

Bursting with flavour, they’re the perfect way to enliven your cocktails or bring a bit of colour to your next house party. And with a cool, colourful, stackable design, this tower of flavour will look amazing on your home bar or make an excellent gift for the spirit-lovers in your life. Collect them all and drink the Rusty rainbow. 

Made in Australia

Carbon Filtration


Super Smooth