Tattoo Sleeves 100ml


Introducing our Limited Edition Rusty Barrel Vodka - Tattoo Sleeves Collection. Designed in collaboration with three visionary tattoo artists from across Australia, this exceptional release embodies the heart and soul of Rusty Barrel.

Embark on a journey through the artistry of ink and the allure of premium spirits. Each high quality matte finished bottle is a fusion of creativity, rebellion, and our unmistakable flavour. With a nod to Australian ingenuity and craftsmanship, this release is a celebration of everything that makes Rusty Barrel unique.

Meet the artists

Deadmind Tattoos - Tay Ashby Melbourne
Tay Ashby, a tattoo maestro and a passionate Rusty Barrel enthusiast, brings his unique artistic flair to this collection. With a deep love for our brand, his creation promises to be a true testament to Rusty Barrel's rebellious spirit.

Bondi Ink - Derrick Sydney
Bondi Ink, known for its Netflix show, has Derrick, one of their gifted artists, crafting a masterpiece for us. As Derrick's designs came to life, his artistic approach added a touch of Bondi's coastal vibes.

ThatGuy Tattoos - Guy Stork Gold Coast
Guy Stork, hailing from the Gold Coast and affiliated with Vanguard Tattoos, is a long-time Rusty Barrel follower. His design captured the lively spirit of the Gold Coast, blending it seamlessly with Rusty Barrel's distinctive character.

Tasting notes: This super smooth vodka has a complex nose of honey, light butterscotch, vanilla cream and stone fruits. Full-bodied palate with some red fruit character and orange rind on the finish. It has got everything you would expect from a wheat based vodka - delivers throughout the whole sip.

Size: 100ml

ABV: 40%

Best served straight over ice or in your favourite cocktail.

Made in Australia

Carbon Filtration


Super Smooth